Is Insulin the Most Dangerous Medicine?

Majid Ali, M.D.

For my patients who have been on life-saving insulin injections, my goal is to try to reduce their daily insulin dose. Why do I try to do this?

Millions of people worldwide could not live for more than a some weeks if they could not get insulin injections. This is common knowledge and indisputable. If so, then why did I choose the above title? Consider the following quote from The New York Times of January 21, 2015:

“In 40 years of practicing cardiology, I became convinced that insulin was the most dangerous medicine that physicians use. Though a lifesaving medicine, it is often overused and its dangers poorly understood by patients and many physicians.”

Well spoken, Dr. Berry Hey, Jr. You make my main point on the subject of toxicity of insulin injections very well. Though you do not say how what you do to safely reduce the insulin dose of your patients. Perhaps you teach them how to do gentle and safe daily bowel-blood-liver detox with spices, vegetable juices, proteins powder, and lecithin. (See my article on thos website entitled “Dr. Ali’s Spicy Breakfasts” for details.

I am glad that Dr. Hey included the following words in his piece in the Times:

“Frequently, a blood sugar level that is too high is treated in knee-jerk fashion by increasing the dose of insulin when the proper treatment may be to decrease the dose of insulin. (The elevated sugar level may be a physiological response to an earlier, undiagnosed episode of excessively low blood sugar.)

I treated many patients who almost died from severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar, which causes unconsciousness, seizures, heart attacks, strokes and death). These patients couldn’t call 911; they were found unconscious by the fortuitous arrival of someone else, avoiding “dead on arrival.”

I became certain that the ones who survived were the tip of a very large iceberg.”

Thank you, Dr. Hey, again.

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