Diabetes Basics – Cellular Grease, Cellular Detergents

Majid Ali, M.D.

The Grease-Detergent Model of Diabetes 

Does the human body have any detergents? Yes. Evolution could not have not developed any detergents to remove cellular grease produced during cellular life.

Nature created efficient systems to remove cellular grease C cellular detergents, in this contextCand allow cells to breathe again. I recognize five layers of detergent systems in the body:

L Oxygen (the primal detergent);

L Oxygen-derived simple free radicals (oxyradicals), such as hydrogen peroxide, singlet oxygen, and nitric oxide;

L Oxygen-derived complex oxyradicals, such as sulfur-based and iron-based radicals;

L Oxygen-activated enzymes and oxygenases and peptidases; and

L Oxygen-activated grease-eating cells, such as phagocytic cells.

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