Diabetes Basics – What is cellular grease?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Five types of unhealthy substances tend to accumulate on cell membranes, internal structures of cells, and the matrix (the substance that holds cells together):

L Metabolic waste;

L Cellular debris;

L Rancid fats;

L Sticky sugars; and

L Pulped protein.

Some years ago, I introduced the term cellular grease for the layer of such materials that builds on and within cells in all diseases.

Rancid fats are oxidized and de-natured lipids. I introduce the expression “sticky sugars” for sugar molecules that are attached to fats, proteins, or waste substances, and so cannot function normally. Pulped proteins are threads of amino acids that get tangled, deforming the protein structure and blocking their functions.

In health, these substances are rapidly cleared. The cells can breathe oxygen, expel waste and toxins, and stay healthy and happy. In disease states, rancid fats, sticky sugars, and pulped proteins accumulate on cell membranes as well on cell innards.

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