Diabetes Basics – What Is the True Nature of Diabetes?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Diabetes, first and foremost, is an oxygen problem.* It can be neither understood nor optimally managed without addressing all relevant oxygen issues. This is my view of diabetes which I support with a large body of evidence in this book.

Simply stated, the rising incidence of diabetes worldwide is associated with incremental exposures of world populatio

ns to unhealthy foods, environmental pollutants, and deepening frustration and chronic anger. The common element in all these is dysfunctional oxygen metabolism (dysox, for short). This is the basis of the simple scientific explanation of The Oxygen View of Diabetes presented in this volume.

From the standpoint of the prevention and treatment of diabetes, the importance of The Oxygen View of Diabetes is that it requires all relevant oxygen issues be addressed, whether related to the bowel, liver, brain, or other organ-systems of the body.

*At foundational levels, all clinical and biochemical aspects of diabetes develop as consequences of impaired or blocked oxygen functions in the body.

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