Science of Diabetes Simplified

Majid Ali, MD

Diabetes Type 2, the type that accounts for more than 90% of cases worldwide is, first and foremost, an “oxygen disease.” The crucial importance of my view of the disease—my oxygen Model of Oxygen of Diabetes—is that is: (1) It shifts the focus away from raised blood glucose levels and to the insulin receptor dysfunction caused by oxygen-blocking toxicities of foods, environment, and thoughts; and (2) It provides scientific sound treatment plan for de-diabetization. I present in detailed the various aspects of this view in various tutorials of the Insulin toxicity Series.

Insulin receptor dysfunction is caused by “plasticized” (chemicalized) and hardened cell membranes that immobilize the insulin receptors embedded in them. In the Oxygen Model of Diabetes, the metabolic syndrome is visualized as a “gummed-up matrix state and prediabetes is seen as a “mitochondrial dysfunction state.” The strategies for the prevention and reversal of diabetes yield better long-term clinical results if diabetes is recognized as a “dysfunction oxygen signaling,” or dysox, state.

For more information on the subject, please consider my book entitled “Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes (2006)” (available for download at .



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