Daughter’s Insulin Toxicity Dramatically Worsens With Mom’s Passing

Majid Ali, M.D.

An Article of  Unusual Insulin Toxicity Case Studies

I present this brief case history to show how severely the loss of the mother of one of my patients affected her blood insulin levels.

My patient is in her early fifties and has suffered from fibromyalgia (a chronic condition with diffuse tissue pain) and neuropathy for several years with intermittent relief. She has been unable to effectively address the matters of insulin toxicity and fatty liver. During one visit, she spoke the following words: “In three days, it will be ten months since my mother passed away. There isn’t a day when my mother is not with me in my walks and prayers.”

Tables 1 presents insulin and glucose profiles of a patient with an ideal insulin homeostasis with a low insulin peak of less than twelve and perfectly normal glucose profile. It provides a framework of reference for studying the patient’s profiles (Table 2 and 3) obtained one year before and ten months after the death of her mother with doubling of peak insulin (from 107 in 2012 to  217 in 2015).


Table 1. Insulin and Glucose Profiles of a 51-year-old 5’2″ Woman Weighing 120 lbs. She Consulted Me for Hypothyroidism and Allergy.


½ Hr

1 Hr

2 Hr

3 Hr

4 Hr

















Table 2. Insulin and Glucose Profiles of A  60-Year-Old 5′ 3″ Woman  Weighing 172 Lbs Who Presented With Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Recurrent Vaginitis, Weight Gain, and Depression
2/1/2012 Fasting 2 HR 1 HR 2 HRS 3 HRS
Insulin 13.0 136.6 7.8 10.4
Glucose 86 105 74 47


Follow-up Profiling Three Years Later, About Ten Months SAfter the Death of the Mom.
4/24/15 Fasting 2 HR 1 HR 2 HRS 3 HRS
Insulin 11.3 127.0 217.7 33.9 19.6
Glucose 99 139 108 74 75

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