Gestational Diabetes Is But One Face of Insulin Toxicity

Majid Ali, M.D.

It is a serious mistake to think that the so-called gestational diabetes will reverse itself after the baby is born. Women diagnosed with gestational diabetes  pay a huge price when they accept this grievously misleading statement from their doctors.

Everytime I see a women with children and diabetes type 2, I ask specific questions and learn that the clinical features of gestational diabetes (in reality insulin toxicity) such as  weight gain and lethargy persisted after delivery. After a variable number of years, the underlying insulin toxicity manifested itself as diabetes type 2.

The only way to prevent diabetes type 2 after gestational diabetes 2 is to have insaulin tests done with the same samples as obtained for glucose testing.

Please consider my article entitled “Seven Stages of Insulin Toxicity” on this site. For an in-depth study of the subject, may I suggest my free  “Dr. Ali’s Insulin Toxicity Course” also on this site.

Thank you.


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