The Gluten-Fermentation-Diabetes Connections

Majid Ali, M.D.

February 12, 2013

Gluten mania rages in the United States. It can be anticipated to spread to Europe and then to other countries.

Who profits from gluten mania? Who pays a heavy price for it? The profits go to food corporations that heavily promote the gluten-free foods with mistruths and distortions. The price is paid by the unwell or chronically ill individuals whose two real problems are insulin toxicity and gut fermentation (see details in my free courses entitled:

* Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course

* Dr. Ali’s Fermentation Course

 Is it Gluten Sensitivity or Insulin Toxicity

All my patients with chronic inflammatory-immune disorders who felt better with a six-week trial of gluten-free and sugar-free diet were insulin-toxic (hyperinsulinism) and had gut fermentation. These are the two conditions that set the stage for diabetes type 2. This is why I consider it crucial that all such individuals should have tests for insulin toxicity and gut fermentation.

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Gluten Article Series

Included in a companion article entitled Beware of Going Gluten-Free for Extended Periods of Time

I explain

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