Hidden Dangers of Gluten-Free Diet for Extended Periods of Time

Majid Ali, M.D.

I prescribe a six-week trial of gluten-free and sugar-free diet  for all my patients with chronic inflammatory-immune disorders. Nearly all of them report clinical benefits with such diet, most notably in relieving symptoms of chronic inflammation as well as abdominal bloating.

Laboratory tests for nearly all such patients reveal insulin toxicity and evidence of excessive gut fermentation. Both these conditions set the stage for the development of diabetes type 2 after a variable number of years.

So, the main hidden danger of gluten-free diet is that it hides the serious health threats of hyperinsulinism and diabetes type 2. I marshal evidence for my view in a series of articles as well as my series of gluten videos at this site.

For a deeper study of the gluten-diet-diabetes connections, I suggest my following two courses:

* Dr. Ali Course on Insulin Toxicity
* Dr. Ali’s Course on Diabetes

Gluten Video Series

Are You Gluten-Sensitive or Gut-Fermented?


Gluten-Free to Diabetes


If You Feel Better by Going Gluten-Free, You Are Fermenting?


Beware of Gluten Mistruths


Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease – Why I Never Diagnose Them with a Biopsy


Why Don’t I Diagnose Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac Disease With Blood Antibody Tests?


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