Spicy Smoothie for Weight Loss and Diabetes Reversal

Majid Ali, M.D.

One of Recipes of Dr. Ali’s Breakfasts

If you are overweight or obese and wish to lose weight healthfully, I invite you to put me to a test by using this recipe on two or three days a week. This recipe is for a breakfast that is very time-efficient, very low-cost, and very delicious. Here is the best part of my suggestion. You prepare them yourself in your own kitchen. The links for related recipes appear at the this site in the category of Dr. Ali’s Recipes.


In all my health and healing guidelines, I advise my readers and viewers to consider Dr. Ali’s Start-Low, Build Slow Principle. Put these words in your search box and the Search engine will take you to the article.

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Dr. Ali’s Spicy Smoothie Breakfast


1. Protein Powder: Two heaping tablespoons
2. Flaxseed Two heaping tablespoons
3. Lecithin (all natural) One heaping tablespoon
4. Garlic powder One-half  teaspoon
5. Ginger powder One teaspoon
6. Turmeric One teaspoon
7. Coriander One teaspoon
8. Cinnamon One-half teaspoon
9. Vegetable juice, organic 15 ounces
10. Water 15 ounces or more to taste

Simple directions: Add the first eight ingredients in a wide-mouthed glass bottle and shake them well. Then add water and shake well. Finally add vegetable juice and shake well. Drink at your own comfortable rate.

The closer one is to one’s kitchen, the further one is to chronic disease.

I am a “spices-enthusiast” – a spirited spicist, so to speak. I coined the terms spicist, spiceology and spices-enthusiast to promote the use of spices as first class healing substances. This should convince any skeptics about my passion for the use of spices for healthful aging, disease prevention, and reversal of chronic diseases.

List of Links to Other Recipes

Have a Spicy Day   http://alihealing.org/tag/dr-alis-spicy-breakfasts/

Spicy Breakfast Shake


Spicy Omelette


Spicy Yogurt


x Spicy Yogurt



Have a Spicy Morning!

The best way to start a spicy day is to begin by choosing with one of the spicy breakfasts from among the following:

1. Dr. Ali’s Spicy Yogurt

Ingredients for Spicy Breakfast Yogurt for Two
Whole Milk Yogurt Eight ounces
Garlic powder One teaspoon
Ginger powder One-half teaspoon
Turmeric powder One-half teaspoon
Cayenne pepper powder One-fourth teaspoon
Cinnamon One-half teaspoon

Stevia sweetener To personal taste
(I use stevia equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar)

2. Dr. Ali’s Spicy Breakfast Protein Shake

Protein Powder: Two heaping tablespoons
Flaxseed Two heaping tablespoons
Lecithin (all natural) One heaping tablespoon
Garlic powder One teaspoon
Ginger powder One teaspoon
Turmeric One teaspoon
Coriander One teaspoon
Cinnamon One-half teaspoon
Vegetable juice, organic 15 ounces
Water 15 ounces or more to taste

3. Dr. Ali’s Spice Omelettes for Weight Loss and Diabetes Reversal

I offer several omelette recipes which can also be spiced according to your taste.
Ingredients for Dr. Ali’s Spicy Omelette for Two

Eggs Five large
Crushed Cayenne One-half teaspoons (increase or decrease to taste)
Garlic granules Two teaspoons
Ginger powder One teaspoons
Turmeric powder One teaspoon
Cumin seeds, white One-half teaspoons
Coriander One-half teaspoons
Butter One and one-and-half teaspoons

1. Beat eggs
2. Add crushed cayenne, and beat eggs some more
3. Spread butter on a heated pan
4. Saute chopped onions in the pan
5. Pour the egg mix on the pan
6. Wait until the underside of the egg is lightly browned
7. Divide the omelette “pie” into four parts with the cooking spatula (as you do a pizza pie with
a knife).
8. Turn the egg over to lightly brown

I prefer the omelette prepared by following steps 7 and 8 closely. If a more lightly cooked omelette is desired, browning both sides lightly is the answer. Similarly, a lesser amount of butter gives a lighter omelette.

Enjoy, then, if desired, change amounts of ingredients to personalize your omelettes

Rotation of Egg Omelettes With Dr. Ali’s Breakfast

I suggest that above egg omelettes for breakfast be taken in rotation, on two to four days a week. Dr. Ali’s Breakfast (protein shake) should be considered for the remaining days of the week.

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