Rising Insulin and Falling Weight Paradox

Majid Ali, M.D.

A Revealing Insulin Story

One of my patients, a woman in her seventies, started losing weight with rising blood insulin concentrations over a period of about eight months. This is exactly opposite of what one would expect.

Insulin is the fattening hormone in people and animals. Excess insulin – insulin toxicity is my term for it – sets the stage for weight gain and obesity. Insulin reduction and normalizing insulin equilibrium is the way to healthful weight loss. This insulin-weight relationship is the core of energy economy of the body. In this light, how might we explain the rising-insulin-falling-weight paradox in the clinical case outlined above?

I suggest that the reader stop reading here and take a few minutes to think of the conditions under which the rising-insulin-falling-weight paradox may seen.

In the state of ideal insulin homeostasis (regulation), in women the fasting insulin level is below and the peak post-glucose challenge insulin concentration is under 20 units (expressed as uIU/mL). The fasting insulin level in the case study was below five units while the peak insulin level rose to 43 units.

Here is a clue: she was the primary care-taker of her mother who died at the age of 92. Question: How might this information help us explain the rising-insulin-falling-weight paradox in this case?

This case study is an excellent illustration of the spirit-body conflict. The woman’s spiritual state continued to sustain her with incremental demands on her metabolic status until the natural insulin-weight energy order of the body was overwhelmed. Unrelenting physical demands on the body created a “hyper-metabolic” state which caused both weight loss and insulin excess concurrently.

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