Is It Good to Have Large Babies? No.

Majid Ali, M.D.

Birth Weights Greater Than Ten Pounds Always Nearly Always Indicate

Fetal Insulin Toxicity


What Is Fetal Toxicity?

Fetal insulin toxicity is the state of larger-than-normal gestational and birth weights caused by maternal hyperinsulinism, which leads to fetal hyperinsulinism (properly designated as “fetal insulin toxicity.” birth over-d

Have you seen an “unborn insulin-toxic being”? Most likely you have, though evidently you did not recognize. Next question: Have you seen an insulin-toxic newborn? No? You haven’t, really! Are these questions mere trivia? Or could they be a profound message there? Please think about them for a few moments and then read on.

Have you seen or heard about newborns who weighed more than eight pounds and six ounces? Or newborns who weighed more than nine pounds. Are such newborns insulin-toxic? And insulin-toxic newborns, of necessity, are insulin-toxic moments before they are born. Right? Is it still confusing? Please read on.

Did a family member or a friend deliver a baby weighing nine pounds? Did she have gestational diabetes? Or was she diabetic before she became pregnant? Now do you see where I am going with it? Read on.

Every time I saw a 9-pound newborn whose mother had a glucose tolerance test done during pregnancy, she proved to have either pre-diabetes or diabetes. And every time I found a patient to be pre-diabetic, that individual was insulin toxic. I point out that I never order a glucose tolerance test without doing an insulin profile and I have more than 560 insulin profiles in my files. I have not seen an exception to this so far.

I return to my first question: Have you seen an unborn insulin-toxic being? All nine-pound newborns were insulin-toxic beings before they became insulin-toxic newborns.

Please read companion articles on this web site. If your interest in this subject is sparked, please read other article in this series at the web site of Insulin Institute (, as well several You Tube videos in the channel entitled “Insulin-Toxic Babies.”

Preventing Diabetes in Newborns With High Birth Weights

What must be done to protect heavier-than-normal babies to protect them from obesity, pre-diabetes, and diabetes caused by insulin toxicity? Since the mothers of insulin-toxic newborns, of necessity, are also insulin-toxic, what must be done to protect them from such disorders? And from all complications of diabetes, such as neuropathy, kidney failure, dialysis, dementia, heart attacks, and blindness? I cover these crucial subjects in this series of articles as well as in channels of videos on my You Tube encyclopedia?

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Fetal Insulin Toxicity

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