Why Don’t OB-GYN Doctors Test for Insulin Toxicity of the Unborn?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Response to a Reader’s Question

Here is a letter sent by a nurse-reader and my response.

Dear Dr. Ali,

I am surprised. I read your articles on what you call  insulin toxicity of the unborn. I never knew such a condition exists. I am a nurse. It surprises me that I have not heard about it. It seems logical that the unborn baby would suffer some effects of mother’s hyperinsulinism. You also use  the term fetal insulin toxicity for the same condition. That is appropriate as well.

What surprised me even more is why I have not heard of this condition from ob/gyn doctors. Why don’t they test for it?

Here is another question: how common is fetal hyperinsukinism is? I hope you  have the time to respond.

One more thing. Please continue your work. It is so important.


SL (full name withheald)

Hello SL,

My simple answr is: there are as many cases of insulin toxicity of the unborn as there are of gestational diabetes of the mother. Why don’t OB-GYN doctors not talk about? That is not any more surprising than internists and endocrinologists not doing tests for insulin toxicity.

For more information on this important subject, please read my other articles in my Fetal Toxicity Series at this site.

With kindest regards,


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