What Is Insulin Toxicity?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Insulin in Excess Is Toxic to Every Cell

Mechanisms of Insulin Toxicity

Insulin toxicity – insulin resistance and hyperinsulinism by less desirable term, causes molecular and cellular injury by many mechanisms. The higher the levels of insulin, the greater the degree of insulin toxicity. Below, I list the mechanisms by which insulin toxicity causes molecular and cellular injury. Specifically, it is:

  1. Inflaming
  2. Fattening
  3. Fermenting
  4. Liver-toxic
  5. Endo-toxic (injures inner lining of blood vessels)
  6. Heart-toxic
  7. Brain-toxic
  8. Endocrine-disruptor
  9. Nerve-toxic (causes neuropathy)
  10. Eye-toxic
  11. Kidney-toxic
  12. Memory-robbing
  13. “Every-other-organ-toxic”

Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Based diabetes Reversal Plan

The central goal of my plan is to normalize insulin functions by normalizing insulin receptor protein dysfunction.



For detailed information on these subjects, please consider my following FREE courses:

  • Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course
  • Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course
  • Dr. Ali’s Fermentation Course

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