Insulin-Based Diabetes Prevention and Reversal Plans – Seven Simple Lessons


 Majid Ali, M.D.

Can You Reverse Your Diabetes? Only You Can Answer the Question.


Seven Simple Lessons

  1. Diabetes is not a sugar problem. If you think it is, you can never prevent or reverse diabetes.
  2. Diabetes is an insulin toxicity problem.
  3. Insulin hormone in excess is highly toxic. The body produces excess insulin hormone to keep blood sugar in the healthy range because greased-up cells cannot respond to insulin, which in health drives glucose (sugar) into cells.
  4. I coined the terms “insulin toxicity” and “insulin-literacy” over twenty years ago for patient education and established (now also to promote insulin awareness.
  5. You know the simple “insulin-toxicity–to–diabetes” scientific truth the easy way, and prevent and/or reverse diabetes (type 2). Or remain insulin-illterate, become insulin-toxic, then prediabetic, get diabetes, and then sooner or later develop all diabetes complications.
  6. All drugs for diabetes type 2, no matter how essential for the short-term, work by increasing insulin), increase degrees of insulin-toxicity, and prevent diabetes reversal.
  7. Be insulin-literate, eat insulin-smart, live insulin-wise, and be your own healer.


 Dr. Ali’s Insulin Library

My FREE Insulin Library includes the following:

  1. Over 150 articles on insulin physiology, pathology, and toxicity
  2. Over 75 videos
  3. Five 30 to 45-minute video seminars at Vimeo, YouTube, and other platforms.
  4. Ali’s Free Obesity and Weight Loss Courses
  5. Ali’s Diabetes Course
  6. Ali’s Oxygen Course
  7. Ali’s Fermentation Course
  8. Book: Dr. Ali’s Diabetes Reversal Plan
  9. Book: Oxygen and Aging


My books and DVDs are available by phone (1-212-873-2444) and at

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