Inappropriate Laboratory Insulin Ranges

Majid Ali, M.D.

Laboratory Insulin Ranges in the Major U.S. Laboratories Are Too Wide to be of Clinical Use


Based on a study of over 1,100 3-hour post glucose challenge insulin and glucose profiles and large number of follow-up testing, I recognize that in  adults in good metabolic health the peak insulin level in a 3-hour profile should be less than 40 micro units (uIU/mL). The ideal peak insulin concentrations should be less than 20 uIU/mL.

The insulin reference(“normal”) ranges in use currently in major university and commercial laboratories in the U.S.  are far too wide and high to be any clinical value. Below I reproduce examples of reports to document the basis of my statement.

Lab Report # 1.

Now note that in the laboratory report reproduced, the “normal” insulin reference ranges for samples at 30 minutes, one-hr, 2-hot, and 3-hr are zero to 121.9, 163.5, qnd 145.4 uIU/mL respectively.



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