Supplemental Information Re: Glycemic Status to Insulin Homeostasis Shift

Majid Ali, M.D.

Selection of Articles to Support My Proposal

Laboratory Insulin Ranges in the Major U.S. Laboratories Are Too Wide to be of Clinical Use

Based on a study of over 1,100 3-hour post glucose challenge insulin and glucose profiles and large number of follow-up testing, I recognize that in  adults in good metabolic health the peak insulin level in a 3-hour profile should be less than 40 micro units (uIU/mL). The ideal peak insulin concentrations should be less than 20 uIU/mL.

The insulin reference(“normal”) ranges in use currently in major university and commercial laboratories in the U.S.  are far too wide and high to be any clinical value. Below I reproduce examples of reports to document the basis of my statement.

Lab Report # 1.

Now note that in the laboratory report reproduced, the “normal” insulin reference ranges for samples at 30 minutes, one-hr, 2-hot, and 3-hr are zero to 121.9, 163.5, qnd 145.4 uIU/mL respectively.


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