Majid Ali, M.D.

Part of Dr. Ali’s Course on Diabetes – Part One


Major Conttibutors to the knowledge of diabetes.

Below are brief acknowledgement of five scientists who made seminal contributions to the field of diabetes.

 Josef, Baron von Mering (1849 1908, a German physician who discover (in conjunction with Oskar Minkowski) that the pancreatic produces insulin, a hormone that lowers blood sugar level. He removed a dog’s pancreas and recognized that the dog developped diabetes. Mering also collaborated in the discovery of barbiturates.

Paul Langerhans (1847 – 1888) , a German physiologist and pathpologist who discovered collection of insulin-producing cells called Islet of Langerhans.  He also discovered a type of immune cell in the skin called Langerehans cells or dendritic cell.

Charles Herbert Best (1899 –1978), an American-Canadian scientist c-discovered insulin (along with Canadian Prof. JRR McLeod). Both shared  Nobel Prize for their work.

Sir Frederick Grant Banting  1891 –1941), a Canadian physician, was the first person to use insulin to treat humans. He was awarded Nobel Prize fo his work.

Sir Harold Percival Himsworth (1905 – 1993) was the first doctor to describe two forms of diabetes in a seminal 1936 paper published in the British journal The Lancet.


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