Dr. Ali’s 3-Part Diabetes Course Part Two

Majid Ali, M.D.

Basic Organization of 3-Part Course


Part 1:

The Basics of Diabetes — symptom-complications Long-term Tissue Damage

Part 2:

Shift from Sugar-talk to Insulin-Talk. Insulin Detox (InTox)

Part 3:

InTox for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, preventing and/or controlling complications


A Special Note: I suggest that individuals considering this FREE course scan this outline at least twice  the to become familiar with the organization of its three parts, and then decide how to pace themeselves. Search box of this web site will readily take them to the subjects and articles of their interest.

Limits on Students Taking the Course

  1. There are no limits who should take this FREE course..
  2. No medical background is necessary.
  3. The Course can be completed in six weeks or six months, or on an individual’s own pace.

Three Problems  

Three Problems

The Seed-Feed, and Weed Approach to Health

Majid Ali, M.D.

  1. Fasting blood sugar (glucose) is not reliable
  2. A1c Test is not reliable
  3. Random blood insulin cannot be interpreted

Course Study Partners

Studying anything with a study partner is always an excellent idea. It especially valuable for this course whether taken for weight loss or diabetes concerns (family history, recent or old diagnosis, recent diagnosis of diabetes-related fatty liver, kidney failure with threat of dialysis, vision problems, cardiovascular disorders, or worries about memory loss and brain shrinking.

Course Study  Textbook

Dr. Ali’s Video Library  . Example:  Fats Are Not Fattening Americans https://vimeo.com/98286402

Dr. Ali’s Diabetes Reversal Plan

Dr. Ali’s Insulin Toxicity Workbook

Basic Questions

  1. Is diabetes a sugar problem? No.
  2. Is diabetes an insulin  toxicity problem? Yes.
  3. Can diabetes be reversed? Yes. Nearly in all cases of Type 2 diabetes in the first three to fives years of diagnosis.
  4. The above answers are unexpected for me. Why is it so?  (Please answer this question yourself.)  

Diabetes can neither be diagnosed early nor reversed if it is seen as a sugar problem.

Body Organs of Special Interest inOxygen Models of Diabetes and Insulin Toxicity

  1. Gut
  2. Liver
  3. Thalamus in the Brain
  4. Muscles
  5. Pancreas

Why Is the pancreas gland that produces insulin so low in the order of body organs?

I invite readers to keep this question in the mind as they consider Dr. Ali’s Course on Diabetes Reversal.


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