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Reversing Diabetes – Lesson Four


Majid Ali, M.D.

Supplentation Guidelines for Reversing Diabetes

Integrated Nutrient, Spice, and Herb Plan

Celebrating Small Successes, Not Sweating Small Missteps.

A Component of Holistic and Integrated Science and Philosophy of Reversing Diabetes

The Golden Begin-Low Build-Slow Principle

Do Not Take All Items In These Guidelines On the first day. 

In all guidelines for preserving health and reversing chronic disease with natural remedies, I strongly suggest that  readers to consider my Golden Start-Low-Build-Slow Principle. Simply stated, this principle requires that an individual, in trying natural remedies, be cautious and closely observe how the body responds to natural remedies, beginning with small amounts or portions (as low as one-tenth the value on the first day, and doubling them every day until the recommended amount is reached.) If any negative senses are experienced, the item should be discontinued for several days or be taken in smaller amounts for longer periods of time to increase tolerance. It is important that a doctor be consulted to rule out the presence of serious coexisting or underlying conditions.

Family healing work, first and foremost, has to be fun, each member moving on a personal pace. Pushing and brow-beating does not work in the long run, learning and knowing does. Long-term results require a philosophy of love and healing. So, again we celebrate small successes and not sweat missteps.

Reversing Diabetes – Lesson One Includes the Following:

  • Diabetes is not a sugar problem
  • Two examples of healthy insulin and glucose (sugar) profiles
  • One example of insulin and glucose profiles of an individual with diabetes, before and after diabetes reversal
  • What is insulin intelligence?
  • Metabolic Actions of Insulin Hormone
  • How does insulin toxicity (hyperinsulinism) develop)?
  • Oxygen Model of Insulin Toxicity

Five-Step Plan for Reversing Diabetes

  1. A plan of food choices to prevent sugar spikes that trigger insulin spikes;
  2. A plan to do daily gentle bowel and liver detox;
  3. A program of oxygen-stabilizing spices, herbs, and nutrients;
  4. A program of non-competitive Limbic Exercise; and
  5. A personal goal of self-compassion


Guidelines for Special Remedies for Reversing Diabetes.

Please Do Not Take Every Item on the First Day.

Any item not tolerated well should be withheld for three weeks and tried again.

Reversing Diabetes Special Group One

  1. Chromium 50 – 75 mcg
  2. Gymnema Sylvestre 750 -1000 mg
  3. Huckleberry 100 -150 mg
  4. Neem 50 – 75 mg
  5. Vanadyl sulfate 20 – 30 mg

Reversing Diabetes Special Group Two 

  1. Cinnamon ½ – ¾ teaspoon
  2. Fennel Seeds ½ teaspoon, chewed or as tea
  3. Fenugreek ½ teaspoon, chewed or as tea
  4. Cumin 1/6 -1/10 teaspoon
  5. Cloves 1/6 – 1/10 teaspoon

Guidelines for Mineral Supplementation

  1. Magnesium                            750-1000 mg
  2. Calcium                                   300- 500 mg
  3. Zinc                                         10-15       mg
  4. Copper                                    1-2           mg
  5. Selenium                                400-600   mcg
  6. Chromium                             100-150   mcg
  7. Molybdenum                         75-100     mcg
  8. Iodine                                      50-75       mcg
  9. Manganese                             5-7.5          mg

Balanced Multivitamin Formula

  1. Vitamin A                                 2500 IU
  2. Beta carotene                         2500 IU
  3. Vitamin B 1, B2, B6               30 mg
  4. Niacinamide                           150 mg
  5. Pantothenic acid                   250 -500 mg
  6. Pyridoxic B 5                        25-50 mg
  7. Folic acid                               300-500 mcg
  8. Choline bitartrate               400 mg


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