Reversing Diabetes – Lesson Five *


Majid Ali, M.D.

Insulin-Wise Meals and Insulin-Unwise Meals

If This Is Your First Visit With Us, Please Consider Lesson Three for Breakfast Guidelines, And Then Consider Other Lessons if the Series.


WHat Is An Insulin-Wise Meal?

Any meal that does not causes a sharp blood sugar spike is an insulin-wise meal. This is so because any meal that does cause a sugar spike will not cause a blood insulin spike.

Every sugar spike creates a sugar roller coaster.

Every insulin spike creates an insulin roller coasters.

Sugar and insulin roller coasters create laziness and hunger.

Every insulin spike fans the fires of insulin toxicity. 

What Is An Insulin-Unwise Meal?

An insulin-unwise meal is a meal that causes sugar spikes which trigger insulin spikes.

Every insulin spike worsens insulin toxicity and fans the fires of Type 2 diabetes.

Basics of Insulin Effects of Food Groups


  • Healthy fats do not create sugar spikes, nor insulin spikes.

  • Healthy proteins do not create sugar spikes, nor insulin spikes.


    All carbohydrates (breads, grains, and fruits) cause sugar spikes, and so trigger insulin spikes.

    Vegetable in general do not cause sugar spikes, nor any insulin spikes (carrots, red beats, and                     other vegetables with sweet taste are exceptions.)

Can You Make Insulin-unfriendly Foods Partially Insulun-friendly?

I answer the question by asking the following questions.


  1. Do you like butter?
  2. Do you like cheese?
  3. Do you like coconut oil, sesames oil, olive oil?
  4. Do you like nut butters, seed butters, pine butter, sun flower spread?

If you like any of the above items, the answer is simple. Take them freely when you take a sugary, starchy or carbohydrate item.


 Are Healthy Fats De-Fattening?

Yes, they are. So then why didn’t you know this? Ten years ago? Twenty years ago? Or earlier? 

Ask yourself who might have profit from your lack of this scientific truth.


In June 2015, even the Journal of American Medicine Association admitted this truth, after demonizing fats for over fifty years.


What Can Blood Cells Teach About Diabetes?

A Short Video

We Live Lives by Words Kept In Our Heads.

The Choice: Do We Put Our Words there, Or Someone Else Puts Them There?

Insulin-Toxic Obesity
Fats Are Not Fattening Americans
 Demand Nor Offer Forgiveness, Act Forgiveness

What Is the Most Important Question in Science, Health, and Healing
What Is the Second Most Important Question in Science, Health, and Healing

For Deep Learning, Please Consider my FREE Three-Part Diabetes Course Linked Below


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Dr. Ali’s Diabetes Course – Part 2: Insulin Detox – Beyond Sugar Talk


Dr. Ali’s Diabetes Course – Part 3:…ourse-part-three/ 


Can You Make insulin unfriendly alchoholic beverage partially insulin-friendly?

  1. Take some cheese or a teaspoon or less of anyone of the above healthy fats and proteins before you take the beverage.
  2. Or a cracker heavily pasted with butter, cheese, or oils?
  3. Or use your imagination and if you discover something good, please share it with our readers by sending it to us at


Insulin-Wise Desserts

How can you prepare insulin-wise home-made ice cream, cakes, and pan-cakes? Ask your own imagination.

A Hint

Use eggs,heavy cream, chopped nuts, flavors , and stevia as the sweetener.

Sweet-n-Low, Erythretol, can b ruse less often. I do not recommend Equal (aspartame) as the sweetener.


Same idea. Imagine, test, and taste, then re-imagine, if desired.  


Seven Important Things To Remember


1. Insulin toxicity (which is called hyperinsulinism in common medical lingo) precedes Type 2 diabetes by five, ten, or more years.

2. Type 2 diabetes is the type that affects more than 90% of individuals with diabetes.

3. Every insulin-unwise meal adds to the risk of diabetes.

4. Every insulin-wise meal increases the risk of diabetes.

5. Every insulin-wise meal help in insulin detox plan and diabetes reversal.

6. Does it mean I can never have an insulin-unwise meal? No, but not too often. Exceptions should be made only on special occasions.

7. The fewer the insulin-unwise meals, the less the body wants them.


As for all other good things in life, time makes it easier to do the right thing. 


People Don’t Go to Shoe Stores for Buying Flowers,

Why Do They Seek Nutrition Advice From Non-Nutritionists?



List of Recipes of Special Value for Reversing Insulin Toxicity and Type 2 Diabetes  Brain

*  Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Tuna-Tiki Recipe

*  Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Smart Palak-Tiki Recipe

*  Dr. Ali’s Vege-Tiki Recipe

Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Pink Dal (Lentil) Lunch Recipe

* Dr. Ali’s Black dal (lentil) Lunch Recipe

The writer’s preferred lunch on working days is spicy yogurt combined with one of the above dals (lentils).


 The tuna-tiki recipe given above can be modified by replacing tuna with chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef in minced forms. Experiment with them and send me your modified recipes you like best at or with permission to share with other readers. 


Textbook of Integrative Medicine

For professional and advanced readers, I present information about health sciences in detail in the twelve volumes of my “The Principles and practice of Integrative Medicine.”




Video Series for More Information

How Do You Reverse Diabetes


Complete List of Recipes for Reversing Diabetes With Insulin Detox


Dr. Ali’s Breakfasts

Dr. Ali’s Yogurt Breakfast

* Dr. Ali’s Omelette Breakfasts

Dr. Ali’s Protein Shake Breakfast

 Dr. Ali’s Breakfast Shake 3-4 Days a Week

*  Dr. Ali’s Weight Loss Breakfast

*  Dr. Ali’s Line of Omelettes for Weight Loss and Aging Healthfully

* Dr. Ali’s Spicy Omelette

Dr. Ali’s Weight Loss, Anti-diabetes Spicy Yogurt

 Saying NO to Fat-free Yogurt, Please!

Dr. Ali’s Omelette Recipes An Introduction

Dr. Ali’s Omelette Recipes

* Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Breakfast

* Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Lunch Recipes

* Dr. Ali’s Breakfast 3-4 Days a Week

Dr. Ali’s Flax and Chia Seeds Omelete

* Dr. Ali’s Ginger – Walnut Omelette

Dr. Ali’s Edamame Omelette

* Dr. Ali’s Sesame Omelette

Dr. Ali’s Garlic Omelette

* Dr. Ali’s Onion Omelette

Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Pink Dal (Lentil) Lunch Recipe

* Dr. Ali’s Black dal (lentil) Lunch Recipe

Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Flax and Chia Seeds Omelette

*  Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Tuna-Tiki Recipe

*  Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Smart Palak-Tiki Recipe

*  Dr. Ali’s Vege-Tiki Recipe

k  Insulin-Wise Foods, Insulin-Saving Recipes

k  Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Breakfast – Personalized

k  Insulin-saving Almond snack

k  Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Wise Pink Dal (Lentil) Lunch Recipe

k  Dr. Ali’s Black dal (lentil) Lunch Recipe


*  Dr. Ali’s Recipes

Butter Is Good, Butter Is Bad, Butter Is Good

 Eggs Are Good, Eggs Are Bad, Eggs Are Good Again


Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten-free Foods

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