Gut Fermentation Control


Majid Ali, M.D.


A Simplicity for All Health and Healing Matters

All Diseases Begin and Persist With Cellular Fermentation and their treatment must include control of fermentation in the body and the mind.

 What Is Fermentation?

Fermentation is a sequences  of natural chemical reactions in which cells produce alcohols and acids because there is not enough oxygen to produce sand utilize clean ATP cellular energy. So, fermentation fundamentally is a problem of deficit of functional oxygen


Damaging Effects of Fermentation

In the early 199os,  I introduced the term dysox for a state in which oxygen fails to drive and govern the generation and utilization of energy in the human cells. I recognized this state as the beginning of cellular dysfunction / dis-ease / and disease.

In 2004, the results of my first study were published in the journal Townsend Letter.

In 2015, the results of much larger study were published in the journal Nature.


The Seven for Fermentation Control

1. Dr. Ali’s Breakfasts (Ideas not products)

2. Slow Limbic Breathing

3. Insulin-Smart Foods

4. Insulin-Wise Living

5. Purpose in Life

6. Freedom from Hate

&. Love

Suggested Videos and Articles for Love and Freedom

1. Our Shared African Grandmothers

2. The Pre-East Way for Health and Healing

What Causes Fermentation in the Head?

1. Recycling past misery

2. Not learning and practicing compassion

3. Hate (To hate anyone, one must first hate oneself)

4. Denying hope

5. Not being kind to the body so the body can be kind.

6. Not breathing slow, speaking softy, respecting food

7. Not being oxygen-wise and insulin-intelligent

See Videos on the Subjects at the End


The Sun-Soil Model of

 Health and Healing


The Sun-Soil Model of Health and Healing

Oxygen rules the body from its three-legged throne.

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