Reversing Diabetes With Diabetes Reversing Plan D3

Majid Ali, M.D.

Introduction and Outline of Dr. Ali’s Reversing Diabetes 3D Plan for Reversing Hyperinsulinism and Reversing Diabetes 3D

Unless specified otherwise, the term diabetes in this article is used for Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) which is the main type of diabetes. 


The 3D Plan

  1. D    for Insulin Diet Plan for Reversing Diabetes
  2. D    for Insulin Detox for Reversing Diabetes
  3. D    for Insulin Dysox for Reversing Oxygen-Related Co-morbidities of Prediabetes and Diabetes 


Nine Essentials

of 3D Plan for Reversing Prediabetes and Diabetes


  1. Diabetes is not a sugar problem. It is a type of insulin dysregulation caused by toxicities of food, environment, and thought which collectively create dysfunctional oxygen metabolism and signaling.
  2. Insulin dysregulation has two dimensions: (A) the first dimension of insulin toxicity (hyperinsulinism) without raised blood glucose levels diagnostic of diabetes; and (B) the second dimension of insulin toxicity accompanied by raised blood sugar levels diagnostic of diabetes.
  3. In the writer’s oxygen-insulin perspective of human biology, insulin serves as the primal energy hormone of the body serving at the pleasure of oxygen. Homeostatic pathways of oxygen and insulin are intricately intertwined. 
  4. Insulin dysfunction can be reliably diagnosed only with blood insulin tests, not by tests for blood sugar levels (fasting blood sugar level, A1C level, two-hours post-prandial blood glucose test, or glucose tolerance test).
  5. Insulin toxicity (hyperinsilinism always predates diabetes by five, ten, or more years.
  6. So the only right way to prevent diabetes is to detect insulin toxicity and reverse it. No insulin toxicity, no diabetes. It is really that simple.
  7. Hyperinsulinism is eclipsing all chronic diseases worlwide. This writer and his colleagues documented a hyperinsulinism prevalence rate of 75.1% in the general population of New York Metropolitan area.
  8. Hyperinsulinism-to-diabetes continuum begins withe increased production and release of insulin by the pancreas gland in order to meet increased energy demands of injured tissues as they strive to repair their injuries.
  9. Reversing of hyperinsulinism and diabetes requires philosophy and science of holism in healing.


A Crucial Message From My Patients – My True Teachers


Hyperinsulinism cannot be controlled and diabetes cannot be reversed with denial of dieting or euphoria of eating. These objectives can be achieved and maintained by an informed focus on

                           1. Divine Love 

                           2. Oxygen

                           3. Prayer

                           4. Insulin


High-priority Reading Materials for Reversing Prediabetes and Diabetes D3 Plan

From Dr. Ali’s Insulin and Diabetes Library Posted At This Site

  1. Oxidative Model of Diabetes (1994) 
  2. Respiratory-to-fermentative Shift in ATP Production (1997) 
  3. Beyond Insulin Resistance (2001)
  4. Darwin, Dysox, and Disease, 10th Volume of The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine (2002)
  5. Respiratory-to-fermentative Shift in ATP Production (2004) 
  6. Obesity Is An Oxygen Dysfunction State (2004) 
  7. Insulin-Wise and Insulin-Unwise Foods and Meals (2005) 
  8. The Dysox Model of Hyperinsulinism and Diabetes (2007)
  9. Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes Book (2011)
  10. Insulin-Wise and Insulin-Unwise Foods and Meals (2012) 
  11. Shifting Focus From Glycemic Status to Insulin Homeostasis for Stemming Global Tides of Hyperinsulinism and Type 2 Diabetes (2017) . (full article posted on this website)


Here are two important facts concerning hyperinsulinism-diabetes continuum in a question form:

First, according to a report of Global Burden of Disease Obesity Collaborators concerning 195 countries published in The New England Journal of Medicine on July 6, 2017, since the prevalence of obesity doubled in:

  1. More than 20 countries

  2. More than 30 countries

  3. More than 50 countries

  4. More than 70 countries

  5. More than 90 countries.

Second, insulin in excess is fattening, fermenting, and inflaming.


A large number of videos on the above subjects are posted on this website

For information on Dr. Ali’s Library of Videos and DVDs, please go to:





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