Should Fasting Glucose Be Used for Screening for Diabetes? No.

Majid Ali, M.D.

Insulin and Glucose Profiles of An Reversing Diabetes D3 Series


I have seen far too many cases in which the results of fasting blood glucose test were misleading for diagnosing diabetes or ruling it out.


Blood Glucose Level In Normal Range Hides Serious Insulin Toxicity

The glucose and insulin profiles in Table 1 and 2 belong to a healthy man and a healthy woman respectively.  These profiles represent ideal insulin and carbohydrate fitness. Note the  low levels of blood insulin concentrations accompanied by blood glucose levels in the normal range. Then recognize how much higher the insulin levels are of the patients whose values are  shown in Table 3. The blood glucose levels here do not reach the levels seen in prediabetes, let alone diabetes.

Two Examples of Healthy Insulin Profiles

Table 1. Ideal Insulin Profile (Peak Value, 18 uIU/mL) of a 60-yr-old 5′ 7″ Male Film-maker weighing 147 lbs. Without Health Problems and Interested in Healthfl Aging. His Three “Secrets to Health” Are: Beautiful Thoughts, Diet, and Exercise.”
6.8.2013 Fasting 1/2 Hr 1 Hr 2 Hr 3 Hr
Insulin <2 18 14 4 <2
Glucose 77 168 109 74 52
Table 2. Ideal Insulin Profile of a 51-year-old 5’2″ Woman Weighing 120 lbs. She Consulted Me for Hypothyroidism and Allergy.
Fasting ½ Hr 1 Hr 2 Hr 3 Hr
Insulin 3.2 11.8 2.4 1.9
Glucose 85 110 75 70 52



Table 3. Insulin and Glucose Profiles of a 41-Yr-Old  6’ Man Weighing 260 Lbs. Who Presented With Allegry, IBS, And, Numbness on Face And Limbs.

September 15, 2016 Fasting ½ Hr 1 Hr 2 Hr 3 Hr
Insulin / uIU


148.8 183.5 25.5


Glucose / mg/



141 159 91


November 17, 2016

Insulin / uIU


38.8 57.4 28.7


Glucose / mg/



124 178 136



More Post-Glucose Load Insulin and Glucose Profiles

For seeing more pairs of insulin and glucose profiles obtained after  a 75-gram glucose challenge, please consider the article entitled “Shifting Focus From Glycemic Status to Insulin Homeostasis” on this site.



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