Three Stages of Diabetes

Majid Ali, M.D.

Do You Know Which One of the Three Stages of Diabetes You Are In?

Do You Know Why That Is Important?


You can Learn This Only With Blood Insulin Test.

  1. Diabetes In Hyperinsulinism Stage With High Blood Insulin Levels and Blood Sugar Levels In Normal Range
  2. Diabetes With High Blood Insulin Levels and high Blood Sugar Levels
  3. Diabetes With Insulin Depletion And Very High Blood Insulin Levels.


Why Do You Need to Know Which Stage of Diabetes Are You In?

Because, without this knowledge you cannot implement a well-informed intelligent diabetes reversal plan.

The common type of diabetes that is eclipsing all chronic diseases worldwide is designated Type 2 diabetes (T2D). This article concerns T2D.


Three Treatment Approaches for Three Phases of Diabetes

  1. Hyperinsulinism Diet Plan for Phase 1 for clearing insulin toxicity associated with high blood insulin levels
  2. Reversing Diabetes D3 Plan forPhase 2
  3.  Increasing blood insulin levels with modification of Reversing Diabetes D3 Plan for normalizing blood sugar levels without drugs for Phase 3 of the disease. 


For free access to Reversing Diabetes D3 Plan, please use the link below.



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