What Is Empirical Healing?

Majid Ali, M.D.

All healing is energy healing. Since humans began to look for ways to deal with illness, it sought therapies that worked and were safe. In earlier times, safe and effective therapies were not discarded just because it is not known how they worked. This is the core  principle of empiricism in the philosophy of  the  great  ancient  healing arts of India, China and Greece.


Empiricism: What Works and Is Safe

Empiricism is not agnostic to scientific advances of what can be observed, measures, tested, and refuted. The empirical medicine must grow with deep toots in science of energy and molecules. It must evolve into an “energetic-molecular (EM)” medicine—a medicine that holds the enduring principle of empiricism of the ancient healing arts and adds to it the science and technology of energetic-molecular (EM) dynamics of health—dis-ease—disease continuum. The medicine of future—I am certain—will be this EM medicine. I devote the chapter entitled A Changing Medicine for a Changing Time to my vision of what such a medicine will be—and how it will continue to evolve. This is a medicine based on EM events that occur in molecules (and cells and tissues) before they are injured and changed. It is not based on the study of how dead and decaying cells and tissues look under the microscope after they have been damaged by disease.
 Physicians who limit their work to pharmaceuticals, seem to assume that the chemistry of disease is all what they need to know. Sadly, most physicians practicing drug medicine do not know even the chemistry of drug medicine in any detail—otherwise they would quickly learn the reasons why drugs cannot reverse chronic disease, and why every attempt should be made to substitute nutrients for drugs in chronic disease as soon as possible.

 The new EM medicine is based on the two well-known—and fundamentally essential—facts of biology: (1) The EM injury to cells, tissues and body organs is reversible; and (2) the EM healing response in injured cells, tissues and body organs occurs spontaneously and requires an ample supply of essential nutrients.
 In  acute illness, drugs are  necessary to break the hold of EM derangements that feed upon each other and perpetuate disease. This is irrelevant to the care of patients with chronic nutritional, ecologic, degenerative, stress-related and physical disorders.


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