Two Dimensions of Insulin Dysregulation


An Essay Competition Article
Aliza Durrani
Age 13
Cherry Hill, New Jersey


In the article written by Doctor Majid Ali I have learned that Type 1 diabetes can’t get reversed while Type 2 can. This happens because Type 1 DM produces none to very little insulin while type 2  DM produces either a lot of insulin which does not work due to resistance or produce little to none insulin because their pancreas is failing after not being treated. In the article I agree with the author when he says we should be checking insulin level early on. In routine practice I am shocked that we don’t check insulin level and we only check glucose level. As a 13 year old that is a no brainer to me. If we check insulin level early on we can reverse the type 2 diabetes and since we only check glucose level this can cause people to go years to decades without being treated, resulting by the pancreas to burn out.

Insulin Diet, Insulin Detox, and Insulin Dysox

In the article I have learned that the glucose and insulin levels should be going down at the 2 hour mark in someone’s body who is not diabetic, but in the table the information is reported for a 75 year old women and it shows the glucose level and insulin level escalating each hour and not going down at the 2-3 hour mark, which means the person is diabetic and is insulin resistant. After the patient had completed a successful 3D protocol including diet, detox,and dysoxic comorbidities the last test taken on the graph was April 14, 2015 the test results appear to be normal because the levels were controlled and went down at the 2-3 hour mark resulting to her diabetes to be reversed. Also I have gained knowledge about Hyperinsulinism, it causes inflammation to organs, which can cause cancer, strokes,heart attack, etc. Hyperinsulinism is the pancreatic response to increased energy requirement to repair the injured tissue.

Two Dimensions of Insulin Dysregulation

Lastly I have learned that insulin dysregulation has two dimensions the first one is pathophysiology of hyperinsulinism(predates Type 2 DM and is not accompanied by glycemic),and the last one is dimension of T2D(accompanied by hyperglycemia). This article has given me a lot of knowledge and gives me a new look into the medical field. Studies like this will help the future to find cures for other medical issues.

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