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Majid Ali, M.D.

My Oxygen Thinking Has Given Me Insights About the Roles of Insulin in Health and Disease which Robustly Challenge the Prevailing Notions of Insulin, Insulin Resistance, and Hyperinsulinism. 


Large Claims Require Large Bodies of Information

I offer my free-access library of insulin and hyperinsulinism (links included below) in an attempt to meet my obligation when I choose to challenge the prevailing dogmas of hyperinsulinism and Type 2 diabetes (T2D).

I would be most grateful to visitors to this website who find errors in my materials or disagree with me in other ways to send their disagreements to me at  

Dr. Ali’s Insulin Library

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Pregnancy-Related Insulin Toxicity

Gestational Diabetes Is a Misnomer. Pregnancy-related Insulin Toxicity Is the Appropriate Term. I Explain.

Majid Ali, M.D.

 Three Reasons For Preferring Pregnancy-Related Insulin Toxicity

  1. The term gestational pregnancy clearly implies that diabetes is related to the fetus and can be expected to clear out by itself when the pregnancy ends. This is a regrettable misunderstanding. Various publications on the subject have reported that diabetes Type 2 developes in 30-50% of women in 3-10 years.
  2. There is no agreement on the criteria for the diagnosis of gestational diabetes. By contrast, there can be no disagreement on the concentration of blood insulin concentrations. Good laboratories can perform insulin tests with a high degree of precision and accuracy.
  3. Insulin profiles determined following a standard 75-gram glucose challenge provide precise numerical values for the fasting, 30-minutes, 0ne-hour, two-hour and three-hours blood samples.
  4. I have used the fasting and peak insulin concentrations in a 3-hour profile to be extremely valuable, both for the patients and the clinician.

Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course

I offer a free Insulin Course at this web site.

For the professional readers, below are selected and important citations for further studies.

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